Uriel Ziv Azancot multidisciplinary artist born in 1981 in Jerusalem, Israel.
He is the eldest son of an ultra-Orthodox family of seven.
He studied film at the Sam Spiegel Jerusalem School and graduate from Bezalel School of art in Jerusalem.
His works were exhibited in several group exhibitions and in 2014 he exhibited a solo exhibition at the Ramat Gan Museum of Art.
Nominated for the BLOOOM Award 2018.
Uriel lives and works in Israel.

We live in an age of screens, (almost…) everyone has in their possession one screen or another, screens in which the visual-textual “memories” are embedded, containing broken fragments of their identities, bits of their personality scattered around the Internet.
There is a kind of physical and metaphysical “connection” created between man and the screen.
The physical connection is expressed in the contact between the hand and the smartphone, by the movement of fingers on the screen, the body movements and facial expressions when facing the camera.
The metaphysical connection is expressed in ones reflection on the dark screen when it’s switched off, and in the metamorphosis that the image transgresses from the moment the picture is taken until it is expressed on social media, a dual identity – the person physically present in the actual space and the representation of his or her image in cyberspace.
As an artist, the core of my interest lies in the thin line separating vision from castrated vision, light from darkness, movement which symbolizes life from immobility which means death.
My desire is to try to understand and cast meaning into the process that occurs from the moment I look at something to the moment I interpret it, the moment of reflection versus the moment of truth, assuming that the truth has many strange facets.


(2018) Group exhibition, Untitled, Ein Hod Artists’ Village, Israel.

(2018)  Group exhibition, Photopoetics, The Social Gallery, Musrara School of Art, Jerusalem.

(2017)  Group exhibition, Piercing Frequency, Rishon LeZion, Isreal.

(2016)  Group exhibition, Head and Tails, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv

(2015)  Group exhibition, as part of the exhibition series “Friday – Sunday”, at the Ramat Gan Museum, Israel.

(2015)  Musrara Mix Festival, ‘Journey Between The Stars’, Morel Drefler Gallery, Jerusalem.

(2015)  Master Class, at Musrara School of Art, Jerusalem.

(2014)  Solo exhibition, as part of the exhibition series “Friday – Sunday”, at the Ramat Gan Museum, Israel.

(2013)  Ralph Inbar Award for Graduation Exhibition.

(2013)  Eco Cinema Film Festival.

(2013)  B.F.A Bezalel, Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel.

(2009)  Sam Spiegel Film & Television School, Jerusalem, Israel.