Uriel ziv, b. 1981, Jerusalem, Israel.

(2013) B.F.A Bezalel, Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel.
(2013) Eco Cinema Film Festival.
(2013) Ralph Inbar Award for Graduation Exhibition.
(2014) Solo exhibition, as part of the exhibition series "Friday - Sunday", at the Ramat Gan Museum, Israel.


Artist Statement

My work evolves from a number of levels, mentioned here not in chronological order.
On one level, some of my work derives from an idea I've been toying with for a while.
Idea leads to matter, shape and a right way for it to be displayed. Usually the matter
is chosen from a wide verity of materials I find fascinating like industrial, technological
or electronic materials.
On a second level, some if my work comes from the matter itself.
The visual presence if it, The shape, texture and color are key ingredients in the development
process of the idea. 
The third level is the kind of work that comes from a chain reaction. It means that
a primary object leads to the following object and so on and so forth. In this kind of
work all the objects in the process share the same 'art DNA' and are a part of the
matter-shape history. 
Sometimes, all three levels merge while in other times they remain separated. 
The interaction between the idea and matter and what becomes of it is what 
fascinates me and that's where I'm aiming with my work. 
Another important meaning comes from the space. The space itself dictates the way I 
work with it. Each space has its own unique character, which usually comes from its 
shape-history esthetics. When I'm present, observing the space inside and out, 
my intuition (which is based on both personal history and biography and social, 
environmental and periodical history and biography) reacts by building and dismantling,
or better yet dismantling and building of a dynamic environment.
In my most recent work I find myself fascinated by objects that are able to create a dynamic space around them.
Metaphorically speaking I can picture my object as some sort of sea creature, perhaps an octopus.
This 'octopus' has a passive body and yet his tentacles are very active.
These tentacles are being sent to various locations and lengths, all the while creating different shapes and expressions.
For example, object X is made of a material Y, material Y could have an interesting shape and form
but it is still a passive lifeless object and that's where I step in.
I bring it to life by dynamic elements such as video, light, sound, smoke etc. Moreover, Color has much significance to me.
At the moment I am fascinated or better yet captivated by the green color and dark green in particular.
I find it despite of common psychological perception, the color to be one of mysterious elements which I cannot define yet.
At the end of the day, there are ideas, materials, shapes and colors that I find fascinating
and when the magic happens and everything combines into one, it creates a 'space'. 
That space contains questions, doubts and curiosity. When mystery floats into that said space 
I become captivated by it and must find an interesting way to respond to it.